New Year Is Coming

New Year Is Coming








Christmas holiday has just passed. New year’s day is coming. As the first day of the gregorian new year, new year’s day carries a desire of people for a better life in the future.



Speaking of the origin of the word new year’s day, it first appeared in the book named “Jin Shu”. The ancient Chinese once referred the first day of twelfth lunar month, October an so on as the new year’s day. When in the 1949, the Chinese referred the gregorian calendar January 1 as the new year’s day. Therefore, new year’s day is also known as the solar calendar year in China.



In China, there are always all kinds of delicious food in the festivals. On new year’s day, the northerners like to eat dumplings, which has the implication of welcoming the new year. However, the southerners like to eat rice cake, which means “higher and higher, one year after another”.




No matter what you eat, whether it is dumpling or rice cake, all  can reflect the good wishes of the Chinese for the coming new year.


We also want that the friends who are international students studying in ECUPL can experience the Chinese traditional festival atmosphere and taste the traditional delicious food.


As the food carries a good implication, we hope all of us have a happy new year that carries the wishes of “step by step, round and full”.


New year’s holiday time: December 31, 2016 --- January 2, 2017.