The National Instrumental Music Appreciation Activities

The National Instrumental Music Appreciation Activities


On June 9th, international students of ECUPL and Hong Kong University went to Changning Cultural Arts Center and participated the Chinese and Foreign National Instrumental Music Art activities. The opening event began with a performance of Jiangzhou drum roll "walnuts" which got each of China international students interested in. For us, this is the first time to enjoy the scene of China drum performance. It is both surprising and joyful. Among them, one international student recalled his hometown music art, warmly introducing to the other students the characteristics.



Subsequently, Ye Xiaoying, who is in charge of the Cultural Arts Center in Changning, enthusiastically introduced the purpose of the event, through various forms such as the display of Chinese and foreign musical instruments. The handicraft, seminars and live performance to inherit and develop the Chinese traditional instruments and cultural. In addition, under the careful guidance of the staff of the Changning cultural and Art Center, students learned how to make guzheng crafts. By this visiting, the students knew the exquisite craftsmanship of Chinese national musical instruments.

After experiencing the craftsmanship of national musical instruments, the students have personally participated in the interpretation of national instruments. Under the guidance of the host, they tried to play the guzheng, keenly aware of the charm of the national musical instrument. They can make the gurgling sound only by lightly stroking strings, which made students greatly expressed for China classical folk music. The audience applauded for the students. After the deduction, the students gathered together in the space art center on the first floor, watched the national musical instrument art exhibition promotion, interacted with the host and got further understanding of the craftsmanship of the guzheng, erhu ,pipa and other national musical instrument.


On the afternoon, the art center organized vivid a lecture of folk music and musical shows. The music lecture introduced the China's earliest classification of musical instruments. Shanghai Xinyi National Chamber Orchestra showed several kinds of musical instruments by performing several songs. This allowed students to have a more extensive vision and intuitive sense of the kinds of Chinese national instruments.

The activity of Chinese and foreign music instruments deepen the understanding of traditional culture for students. It also reflects the concern and support of our university to students after-school cultural activities, which helps students to better integrate into the China traditional culture environment and adapt to the life of studying abroad in China.