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Notice on Raising and Reimbursing the Chinese Scholarships Council


Students who have received the Chinese Scholarships Council,

According to “Notice on Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance about adjusting the Living Standard of Foreign Students' Scholarships”. From September 1, 2014, the government will improve the CSC system, adjust the funding standards. The relevant matters are now notified as follows:

I. Applicable object

The scholarship adjustment for the ECUPL to receive the CSC full-time undergraduate students, graduate students, doctoral students, general students and senior students. Other scholarship programs are not included in this adjustment.

Ⅱ. New standard of living expenses

Undergraduate, 2,500 RMB / Month

Graduate student (general student), 3000 RMB / Month

Doctoral student (senior scholar), 3500 RMB / Month

Adjusted CSC include: living expenses, one-time resettlement fee (for new students), basic teaching materials, dormitory electricity, water, network and so on. The above fees are not paid separately.

Ⅲ.  Change of the new standard

1. The Ministry of Education will adjust the Chinese scholarship insurance subsidy standard.

    Adjusted after each insurance period: (Outpatient Clinic part)

The maximum daily treatment fee per person per day is 600 RMB. if the daily medical expenses and cost is more than RMB600, the Insurer only cover RMB600 per day.For medical expenses exceeding the starting line of RMB650, their remaining amount after deducting RMB650 will be reimbursed at a percentage of 85%.

Such as, student A treat in the local public hospital in the insurance period, March 1, 2014 due to pharyngitis cost of 700 RMB, May 10 due to keratitis spending 400 RMB, June 15 due to a cold cost of 900 RMB.

Claim amount is, {600+400+600-650}*85%=807.50 RMB

Adjusted after each insurance period: (hospitalized medical section)

Students due to accidental injury or illness, the hospital must be hospitalized in the case of hospitalization, according to the actual expenditure during hospitalization reasonable medical expenses, the insurance company 100% to pay hospital medical insurance. But does not include: students in the insurance before the occurrence of major diseases or chronic diseases.

2. In accordance with the provisions of the scholarship management, students can choose a two-way accommodation:

Our school provide national scholarship students dormitory for free. The national scholarship students are required to pay their own during the period of housing rental outside the relevant costs, such as (electricity, water, network, etc.).

Students who arrange their own off - campus leasing homes will pay their accommodation according to the accommodation fee of the Ministry of Education.

Release criteria,

Undergraduate, Postgraduate, General students: 700 RMB / Month

Doctoral students, Senior students: 1,000 RMB / Month

Ⅳ. The cost of living replacement plan

According to the "Notice" requirement, the Ministry of Education will adjust the living expenses of the Chinese scholarships. The adjustment of the living expenses of the scholarship will be implemented in September 2014. Our school will pay the scholarship living expenses according to the new standard in April 2015.September 2014 to March 2015 (a total of 7 months) Scholarship difference part of our school will be in April 2015 a one-time replacement.

The specific amount of replacement for 7 months is


    Postgraduate (General students), (3000-1700)×7months=9100 RMB

Doctoral students (Senior students),(3500-2000)×7months=10500 RMB

Ⅴ. Prior to April 2015, the actual one-time placement fee (for new students), basic teaching materials, water, electricity, etc. will no longer be recovered.


we hereby certify!



 Department of Foreign Students

April 1, 2015