HSK exam registration


Chinese Proficiency Test 




The Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) is an international standardized exam. It focuses on examining the ability of Chinese non-first language candidates to use Chinese to communicate in life, study and work. The exam grades include HSK (Grade 1), HSK (Level 2), HSK (Level 3), HSK (Level 4), HSK (Level 5) and HSK (Level 6).



HSK can be simply understood as TOEFL and IELTS, is for non-native speakers of Chinese language proficiency of Chinese students. Therefore, those who want to participate in or take the exam should quickly apply it! The following is about the recent examination registration information.




1.网上报名(online registration):



2.操作步骤(operating steps in order):

1)    注册用户

User  registration

2)    选择考试项目

Select the test

3)    选择考点(自行选择)

Select the test center

4)    填写相应资料

Fill in personal info

5)    上传照片

Upload a photo

6)    信息确认

Confirm and submit

7)    网上在线缴费

Pay the test fee online


3.考试时间(test time):

1)    HSK 4、6级:5月20日 上午9:00

HSK Level4/6:20th,May,9:00AM

2)    HSK 3、5级:5月20日 下午13:30

HSK Level3/5:20th,May,1:30PM


4.报名截止时间(registration deadline):






Photo should be recent bareheaded portrait with monochrome background, can not use the scenery and life photos, format JPG, less than 100KB.



In order to facilitate the future arrangements for your HSK test, I specially attached 2017 HSK and HSKK exam registration time and test schedule.