Guidelines of Online Foreign Language Resources Us

Guidelines of Online Foreign Language Resources Use of ECUPL


Today, the editor will give you some useful guidelines. What you need are only a cell phone and Wi-Fi. You can always find the latest and most comprehensive knowledge of the literature from the online library. Now let’s look at it!


Guidelines of Online Foreign Language Resources Use


First of all, recommend two ways to enter into online library of ECUPL


1Landing URL

then enter the keywords you want to retrieve, such as "bank", you can quickly locate the relevant information.




2Landing URL

then you enter the school number and password (the original password is school number.)





In accordance with the way 1- (2), you enter into the interface. Now we will look at the foreign language resources. This section includes a lot of e-books, foreign periodicals, humanities and social sciences periodicals and online encyclopedia! This can be described as wandering in the holy palace of knowledge.




According to individual professional needs, you can click on different interfaces to browse. The followings are the three very interesting resource links which the editor recommends.


1Encyclopedia Britannica Online

It is considered as the world's most famous and most comprehensive encyclopedia. It includes not only the detailed introduction of all human knowledge of various important subjects, but also the detailed description of events of contemporary important figures in history. Type in the blank you want to know; the answer is immediately announced.




What’s more, the latest daily stories and BBC news will be pushed in the home page. This issue is the detective story of Sherlock Holmes's creative story. The editor is a big fan in this issue.




2United Nations Law Collection

For the students majoring in law, the reference of the legal literature is particularly important. There are the latest and most comprehensive legal literature database such as international law, national legal terms and references in this database. It is a much more all-around legal database than Google's.



At the same time, you can see the database on the home page which has already been classified as various resources. For example, if you want to search for history and legislation on slavery, simply click on Slavery in America and the World: History, Culture & Law to retrieve the relevant resources.




  1. Lexis

The final recommended database is much useful. It is the world's leading database. Many of the world's leading law schools, law firms and high-tech companies are using the database, connecting 4 billion documents and 11,439 databases. Give you a new feast of legal data retrieval.



Database is in the way of classified browse and click on the specific category to view which contains some icons on behalf of different meanings. You just enter the keyword and it will give a detailed description of the specific meaning of each icon. If you click "A", the following search file appears:




The editor recommends so many useful guidelines that help you get information. The method will make a quick and easy access to get knowledge. The original channel is in our daily study life. Even lying in the home, you can use online library resources. We hope that this introduction will helpful to your study.