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Master's Major Catalogue


Master"s Major Catalogue
Law School030101 Legal theorySchool of international law030109 International Law
01 Legal theory01 Public international law
02 Legal Linguistics02 Private international law
03 Legal methodology03 International Economic Law
030102 Legal history030110 Military law
01 History of Chinese legal systemInternational Maritime Law School030109 International Law
02 Chinese legal culture04 International shipping law
03 History of foreign legal systemSchool of Criminal Justice★0301Z5 Public security law
04 History of western economic legal system01 Criminology
030103 Honstitutional law and Administrative law02 Investigation
01 Constitution of China03 Science of public security
02 Administrative law★0301Z1 Judicial expertise
03 Legislation01 Forensic medicine
04 Educational law02 Material evidence technology
030104 Criminal law03 Judicial accounting
030105 Civil and Commercial LawComputer and Audio-visual data identification
030106 Procedural lawInstitute of intellectual property★0301Z3 Intellectual property rights
01 Criminal Procedure LawBusiness School020202 Regional economics
02 Civil Procedure Law020204 Finance
03 Legal logic020205 Industrial Economics
04 Justice020206 International trade
School of economic law030107 Economic law025100 Financial degree
01 Economic lawCollege of  Marxism030501 Basic principles of Marxism
02 Commercial law030503 Study on the Sinicization of Marxism
03 Financial Law030505 Ideological and Political Education
030108 Environmental and Resource protection law★0305Z1 Socialist legal education and Communication research
School of international finance and Law★Law and FinanceSchool of political science and Public administration030201 Political science theory
Graduate Education Institute (Juris master education center)035101 Law (Non Law) professional degree0302Z1 Comparative Politics
035102  Law (Law) professional degree120401 Administration
School of communication★1204J1 Cultural industry management of 120403 Education economy and management
★0301Z7 Media legal system120404 Social security
College of social development★0301Z4 Social law ★1204Z2 Public safety management
★1204Z1 Social managementCollege of foreign languages055100 Professional degree in Translation
035200 Social work professional degreeInternational Culture Exchange SchoolJuris Master in International Economical Law(English Taught)