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Doctoral Major Catalogue


Doctoral Major Catalogue
No.Major NameResearch DirectionNo.Major NameResearch Direction
1Legal theoryTheory of rule of law8International LawInternational Economic Law
Legal methodInternational competition law
Philosophy of lawInternational criminal law
Sociology of lawInternational Financial Law
2History of lawHistory of foreign lawInternational law
Comparative legal historyInternational maritime law
History of Chinese lawInternational Environmental Law
Legal cultureInternational private law
3Constitutional Law and Administrative Law (Constitutional Law)Constitutional lawInternational Commercial Arbitration
Administrative lawInternational investment law
4Criminal LawEconomic criminal lawWTO Law
History of criminal law9Judicial expertiseJudicial expertise system and management
Criminal policyForensic forensic expertise
Comparative criminal lawForensic expertise of material evidence technology
Economic criminal law10Study of law and PoliticsLegislative science
5Civil and Commercial LawProperty LawDemocracy and rule of law
Basic theory of civil law11Intellectual property rightIntellectual Property Law
Civil law claims12Social lawBasic theory of social law
Marriage and Family LawLabor and social security law
6Procedural LawCriminal Procedure Law13Public Security LawPublic Security Law
Prosecutorial science14Legal methodologyLegal hermeneutics
Litigation system and evidence lawMethodology of law
Civil Procedure LawLegal Linguistics
Judicature15Public administrationGovernment under the rule of law
7Economic LawEconomic LawThe party"s leadership and administration according to law
Corporate governance Local government governance in China
Financial LawCommunity Governance
Energy LawSocial conflict and Governance
Enterprise LawUrban security and Governance
Enterprise Law  

Bankruptcy Law  

Industrial Law  

Financial Supervision