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Safety Notice


1. Please do your daily health monitoring. Be sure to inform your counselor at least three days in advance of your departure or return to Shanghai, and apply on Today’s Campus to be approved before leaving or returning to Shanghai.

根据国家和学校疫情防控政策,离校学生,原则上不出境、不去国内中高风险地区。返校前14 天内来自或途经过国内中高风险地区及所在县(区、市)或当地政府宣布全域封闭管理地区的学生,按照学校防疫工作要求实施7 天严格的集中(居家)健康管理,实行2次新冠病毒核酸检测,检测结果符合相关要求方可返校。

According to China and school epidemic prevention and control policy, students leaving school, in principle, will not leave the country and will not go to medium or high-risk areas in China. Students who come from or pass through domestic medium- and high-risk areas and their counties (districts and cities) or areas declared closed by the local government within 14 days before returning to school will be subject to 7 days of strict centralized (home) health management in accordance with the school's epidemic prevention work requirements, and will be tested twice for nucleic acid of the new coronavirus before returning to school.


2Please comply with local regulations of epidemic prevention and control.Consciously practice the basic code of conduct for civil epidemic prevention, such as washing hands regularly, ventilating frequently, wearing masks and gathering less.Do a good job of journey protection, take the initiative to cooperate with the traffic station to do a good job of temperature testing, check the "health code" and other preventive and control measures. Wear a mask throughout your journey.


3. Please consciously enhance your awareness of fire prevention, theft prevention, internet fraud prevention and traffic rules. Close the doors and windows of the dormitory and cut off all kinds of power supply in the room when leaving school. Keep important documents, valuables and cash with you. It is forbidden to stay overnight and lodge, etc.