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Shanghai Winter School



The Shanghai Winter School is jointly organized by the University of Sydney and ECUPL.

As the earliest regular exchange program between Chinese and Australian universities in the legal field, this program was founded in 1995 and as of now has been held 26 times. It works continuously to enable students to understand the legal systems and social cultures in the two different countries from an international point of view. It also hopes to promote positive and long-term cooperation between the two universities.

ECUPL provides unique law courses that are tailored to suit the interests of the students from the University of Sydney. These courses cover the contemporary Chinese legal system and are integrated with Chinese social and cultural background information. Students can learn criminal law, contract law, procedural law, foreign investment law, and international commercial arbitration law in China in a comprehensive way. At the same time, students will visit courts and law firms, and share ideas and experiences with legal practitioners.

In addition to the classes, winter school students can also participate in a wide variety of extracurricular activities such as city sightseeing and watching acrobatic performances, which reveal the culture and glamor of the city of Shanghai.