Study at ECUPL



  1. Where and how do I get my meals?

You may use the campus card ECUPL provides to have meals in the university cafeteria and halal cafeteria on campus.

  1. Library Information

Opening Hours of the Changning Campus Library

Monday to Sunday:8:0023:30 (see the details below)

Changning Campus

Room name


Open hours

Study room

Main Building hall

8:00-22:00(Monday ~ Thursday)

8:00-23:00(Friday ~ Sunday)

Legal reading


3rd floor, Main Building

8:00-22:00(Monday ~Thursday)

8:00-23:00(Friday ~ Sunday)

Basic stack


1st floor (with interlayer), 5th floor

8:00-21:00(Monday ~ Sunday)

Electronic reading room

4th Floor, Main Building

8:00-22:00(Monday ~ Sunday)

Economy and

trade library

7th Floor, Main Building

8:00-21:00(Monday ~ Sunday)

Newspaper reading room

2nd Floor, Building 2

8:00-22:00(Monday ~ Sunday)

Foreign language reading


2nd floor, Red House

8:00-22:00(Monday ~ Sunday)

Opening Hours of Songjiang Campus Library

Monday to Sunday: 8:00~22:00(see the details below)

Songjiang Campus

Room name


Open hours

General service


Entrance of

the 2nd floor lobby

Monday to Sunday 8:00-19:00

1st stack room


Monday to Sunday 8:00-21:00

2nd stack room


Monday to Sunday 8:00-21:00

3rd stack room


Monday to Sunday 8:00-21:00

4th stack room


Monday to Sunday 8:00-21:00

5th stack room

1st floor lobby

Monday to Sunday 8:00-21:00

Electronic reading room


Monday to Sunday 8:00-22:00

Reading room


Monday to Sunday 8:00-22:00

Note: in case of closure, further notices will be released.

P.S. The opening hours listed above are for the spring and autumn term .As for the winter and summer holidays, please follow the latest announcement

  1. Campus Card

Campus card can be used for catering, access to the library, proof of student identity and other scenes.

Working hours of the Card Centre

Monday to Thursday : 9:00-11:00 a.m.,11:30-15:30 p.m .(Deposit time ends at 14:00)

Friday : 11:30-15:30 p.m.(closed on Friday mornings)

Location of the Card Centre

Changning Campus: 104, Postgraduate Office, Building 37

Songjiang Campus: 101, Liuyi Building

  1. When is the international office open?

Workdays 900-1130 ; 1330-1700.

  1. Are there shuttle buses going in between two campuses?

Yes, there are shuttle bus going in between Changning and Songjiang campus, schedule to be confirmed for each individual semester.

  1. Where are some of the hospitals nearby?

Huashan Hospital(affiliated to Fudan University), doctors there speak some English. Go to general clinics instead of international departments for later reimbursement with insurance company via call. Keep all receipts and bring a passport to hospital.

  1. What about school clinics?

Near the halal canteen on campus.