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International Exchange Center

Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau Office

School of International Culture Exchange


The International Exchange Center is also Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau Office and the School of International Culture Exchange at ECUPL.

The International Exchange Center (and Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau Office) oversees internationalization affairs on the university level, including drafting university internationalization strategy, establishing and maintaining partnerships, and managing and coordinating for delegation visits, foreign experts, joint programs, international students, etc.

Actively promoting international cooperation, ECUPL has entered into partnerships with over 170 universities, international organizations and academic institutions overseas, and has been working with partner universities to offer two joint programs approved by the Ministry of Education. Moreover, it has run various student exchange programs allowing for cross-recognition of academic credits with over 60 overseas colleges and universities. ECUPL is also eligible to receive international students sponsored by the Chinese Government Scholarship.

 Highlight 1: Since 1984, ECUPL started to offer American Law School students English-taught courses about Chinese Law, and became the first Chinese university whose academic credits are recognized by the American BarAssociation. Moreover, the Chinese Law winter school co-hosted by ECUPL and Sydney Law School has been run on ECUPL campus for more than 20 years. After developing for over 30 years, ECUPL is now one of only seven Chinese universities approved by the Ministry of Education to offer the one-year English-taught Master’s program funded by the Scholarship for Youth of Excellence Scheme of China.

 Highlight 2: In 2015, ECUPL hosted the first World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)-China Summer School on Intellectual Property. Starting from there, the cooperation between ECUPL and WIPO has developed in many ways. Some of ECUPL students have been selected to do internship in WIPO. In December, 2015, WIPO Director General Francis Gurry visited ECUPL and was awarded ECUPL Honorary Professorship.

 Highlight 3: ECUPL is one of the initiators of BRICS Legal Forum and held the 2nd BRICS Legal Forum on its campus in 2015 when more than 150 delegates from BRICS countries gathered in Shanghai to talk about legal issues of common concern. ECUPL     has also established a BRICS Legal Institute, dedicated to promoting the research of the legal issues arising out of business transactions in newly emerging economies.


The School of International Culture Exchange is responsible for the recruitment and administration of international students and the management of language training programs and exchange programs.

In the language training programs, students will not only have access to various types of the Chinese language courses, but will also have opportunities to combine their language capability with specialized majors. These programs are designed to offer non-Chinese native speakers excellent opportunities to study the Chinese language, and help them familiarize themselves with the current conditions, traditional culture and modern society of China. All of these act as a bridge facilitating language and culture exchanges between China and other countries.

Currently there are about 800 international students from over70 countries around the world studying in bachelor, master and PhD degree programs, language programs and short-term programs at ECUPL. ECUPL provides excellent teaching and living surroundings as well as outstanding service for international students. The carefully designed programs, well equipped facilities and all round services will guarantee that the stay of international students at ECUPL is a rewarding one.

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