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The 2019 Shanghai Summer School in Chinese Political and Legal Culture Comes to a Successful End


On July 2, the 2019 Shanghai Summer School in Chinese Political and Legal Culture, sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and run by the International Exchange Center of ECUPL, has come to a successful end. In total, there were 22 outstanding students from 11 partner colleges and universities who took part in this summer school, hailing from a total of 10 countries that participate in the Belt and Road Initiative.


In the four-week program, students studied Chinese politics, law and culture from Monday to Friday. They also learned about the Chinese tradition of the rule of law, which has continued all the way from ancient times to the present, and they introduced each other to the legal systems and cultures of their home countries. The teachers and students actively interacted amid the lively class atmosphere. In addition to learning in the classroom, ECUPL also organized visits to courts and law firms, so that the students could have the opportunity to understand current legal practices in China and interact with judges and lawyers for themselves. In their spare time, students were able to experience the beauty of China by visiting cities such as Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou. 

Professor Xia Fei, Director of the International Exchange Center at ECUPL, and Mr. Lai Jinsheng, its Deputy Director, attended the closing ceremony on July 12 and presented certificates of completion to the students. The students spoke enthusiastically and expressed their gratitude to ECUPL. This program was also the first time many of the students had left their own countries. Through this summer school, they have not only learned a lot about Chinese political and legal culture from ancient times to the present, but also made many new like-minded friends. They also hoped to have the opportunity to further their studies at ECUPL after graduation.

The Shanghai Summer School aims to further the opening-up and internationalization of higher education in Shanghai, while accelerating the process of establishing Shanghai as a center for international scientific and technological innovationThe Shanghai Summer School held by ECUPL was sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, and is open to students from all cooperating partner universities and colleges. This is the fourth time that ECUPL has hosted the Shanghai Summer School on Chinese Political and Legal Culture.