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Symposium on the Methods and Measures for Opening up New Era Education Abroad


On January 10, the Symposium on the Methods and Measures for Opening up New Era Education Abroad was held on Changning Campus. The meeting was chaired by Vice President Chen Jingying, and was attended by: the Director of the Department of Publicity Yu Xiaohao, the Director of the Department of Student Affairs Wang Rong, the Director of the Development and Planning Office Yang Zhongxiao, the Director of the Academic Affairs Office Wang Yueming, the Dean of the Graduate School Hong Dongying, the Director of the Scientific Research Office Qu Wensheng, the Deputy Director of the Personnel Office Zhang Honghong, the Deputy Directors of the International Exchange Center Lai Jinsheng and Ma Le, the Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Economic Law Zhang Yi, the Associate Dean of the School of International Law Zhang Guoyuan, the Secretary of the Party Branch of the International School of Law and Finance Zhu Xiaoping, the Associate Dean of School of Political Science and Public Administration Wang Weiquan, and the Associate Dean of the School of Foreign Studies Wu Qiaofang.

Chen Jingying pointed out that in the context of the opening of national education to the world, it is necessary to firmly grasp the principles, directions and key requirements at the national and city levels. It is necessary to clarify that the targets of the work of foreign affairs are students, teachers, and educators; and the scope of the work of opening up education to other countries and regions is to establish cooperation and exchanges. The relevant colleges and departments need to participate in joint efforts to give full play to ECUPL's distinct advantages and characteristics.

At the meeting, the Deputy Director of the International Exchange Center, Ma Le, conveyed the spirit of the 2019 Foreign Affairs Working Conference of the Ministry of Education and the Shanghai Foreign Affairs Working Conference.

The participants then fully exchanged views on ECUPL's work of foreign affairs, combined with the practical work of the college (department).

Finally, Vice President Chen Jingying made a concluding speech, affirming the expected results of the meeting with regards to the needs and plans discussed. She emphasized the need to further strengthen the internationalization of ECUPL through top-down design, institutional systems, and cross-cultural construction.