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Guide of Return for International Students (Fall Semester 2020)


According to the Work Plan of Arranging Student Return During the Pandemic of ECUPL and the status quo, the guidelines for international students to return are set as follow


1. Students who return to Shanghai from abroad must strictly follow relevantprevention and control measures of both national and municipal levels. Please register and submit “Application for Return” prior to departure with “Campus Today”. You are supposed to upload your nucleic acid testing report issued by the end of quarantine for the application. You will be requested to present your health code, ID, approval for “Application for Return” and nucleic acid testing report when entering into campus.


2. Students who come from or have recently(stay of less than 21 days in low-risk regions after the transfer) transferred from a medium/high-risk area to a low-risk area , please reach out to the International Exchange Center in advance to confirm yourprocedures of return to Shanghai and the campus.

3. If you have travelled to/via regions whose alert level has been reduced to low from medium/high 21 days prior to your return, campus quarantine will not be scheduled. In this case, please submit your application via “Campus Today”and note the date that the risk is lowered. You are requested to closely monitor your health condition for 14 days following an approval of return.

 If you have already returned to campus and need to enter/exit campus, the relevant guidelines are as follow:

 1. During the 14-day health management period following the return, your entry will be granted only via “Campus Today” based on an approved application. When the health management period ends, you shall note your coordinator for entries/exits for which health code and campus card are needed. 

2. If you stay with off-campus accommodation, please stick to 14-day health management as well.Within this period, an application for entries/exits needs to be filed in advance via “Campus Today”, and you will be only permitted to enter/exit campus with an approved application.When the health management period ends, you shall note your coordinator for entries and exits for which health code and campus card are needed. 


3. To leave Shanghai,you shall apply in advance on  Campus Todayand obtain approval from the Department of Student Affairs. If you have not visited or travelled through medium/high-risk areas, apply to enter the campus by referring to corresponding steps above.