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Notice on the Arrangements of Selected Holidays in 2021


To all schools, departments and offices:  


According to the Notice of the General Office, State Council on the Arrangement of Holidays in 2021 (No.27 [2020] Notice of the General Office of the State Council), and in light of the university’s current situation, the arrangements for New Year’s Day, Tomb Sweeping Day, Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day in 2021 are as follows:


New Year’s Day

Jan 1-Jan 3, 2021, three days.


Tomb Sweeping Day

April 3 - April 5, three days


Labor Day

May 1 - May 5, five days (partly compensated by working on Saturday or Sunday). Work on April 25 (Sunday) to make up for the classes on Monday; work on May 8 (Saturday) to make up for the classes on Tuesday.


Dragon Boat Festival

June 12 - June 14, three days.


Mid-Autumn Festival

Sept 19 - Sept 21, three days (partly compensated by working on Saturday or Sunday). Work on Sept 18 (Saturday) to make up for the classes on Monday.


National Day

Oct 1 - Oct 7, seven days (partly compensated by working on Saturday or Sunday).Work on Sept 26(Sunday) to make up for the classes on Tuesday. Work on Oct 9 (Saturday) to make up for the classes on Thursday.


Before the holidays, the staff of all departments and schools should close the doors and windows of the offices, turn off all indoor power supplies, and carry out fire and theft prevention work. During holidays and festivals, all departments and schools should arrange on-duty reception and safety work in an orderly manner. All faculty and students should raise higher awareness over personal safety during travels to avoid injuries and property loss. In the event of major emergencies, the occurrences should be reported without delay and handled properly in accordance with relevant regulations.

General Duty Arrangements

Songjiang Campus: Room 204, Ming De Building, Tel: 57090114 (24 hours)

Changning Campus: Room 110, Guesthouse, Tel: 62076265 (24 hours)


All departments and schools are requested to do relevant work according to the above arrangements. 

Thank you for your cooperation.


Office of the President

East China University of Political Science and Law

December 3, 2020