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Notices for International Students in ECUPL华东政法大学关于国际学生近期各类事项告知书



Notices for International Students in ECUPL


According to the actual situation of our university, along with the recent changes in the season and the international and domestic situation, we hereby notify the international students of safety issues as follows:


Students who need to leave Shanghai must fill out the Application in the APP of Campus Today at least three days in advance and inform the counselor.

Please do not leave Shanghai until approved, otherwise your should be solely liable for any consequences arising from unapproved leave of absence.


The global epidemic is not over yet. Please let the counselor know in time if you have a cold or fever.


Students with a student visa are not allowed to take part in internship, employment, business or other business activities, otherwise they will face administrative penalties such as fines and repatriation. If you apply to do internship, please contact International Students’ Office.


Abide by China’s traffic rules and pay attention to traffic safety. Never drive a vehicle without a driver license, nor break the traffic law.


Do not go out alone. Take care of your personal security and keep well your belongings. Enhance safety awareness and do not trust strangers too easily. 

  1. 不去人员复杂、密集的场所,注意言谈举止,以防发生纠纷。

Avoid dangerous and over-crowded places. Mind your words and manners to save from troubles.


Pay attention to food hygiene and prevent food poisoning.


International School of East China University of

Political Science and Law
二○二一年五月十七日May 17th, 2021