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ECUPL Organized a Tour to Shanghai Chongming Island for International Students


To promote exchanges among international students and more hands-on experience about Chinese culture, the International School of ECUPL organized a two-day tour to Shanghai Chongming island for international students from April 17th to April 18th. Over 20 international students from different countries such as Ghana, South Korea, Russia, Kenya, São Tomé and Príncipe and Gabonese participated.

For international students to enjoy pristine natural scenery and feel the long-established Chinese culture, we choose Chongming island as the destination of the spring outing. Chongming island, located in the estuary where the Yangtze River joins the East China Sea, is famed for its fairyland landscape. At the eastern end of Chongming island sits the Dongtan Wetland Park. With its fresh air and a vast spread of reed growing on the marshes, it is an enjoyment to walk on the wooden road here and get closer to the natural beauty. Wandering on the Chongming island, the students were stunned by its enchanting beauty like paintings and poems. The island is truly a wonderland in spring, full of scenic majesty with a great show of vitality.

Chongming island is famous not only for its fresh, bright natural appeal, but also for its time-honored cultural landscape. A not-to-be-missed place of interest is the Chongming County Museum. The interpretation of the tour guide seemed to have revealed to the students the history of these buildings from the Ming and Qing dynasties, and initiated a deeper understanding of the Confucianism in them. The students were reluctant to leave for they were so fascinated by these magnificent buildings.

Before their trip back, the students visited the Riverside Park. Roaming on the tranquil trail through the woods, they again felt the nature’s charm. Attracted by the wild sight with lush woods and crystal-clear lake, the students took pictures with their phones and enjoyed this spectacular view with peace before returning to the bustling modern city.

The students all said that they have benefited a lot from this activity, in which their communication with classmates were promoted. They have not only felt the beauty of the nature but also learnt about the Chinese civilization lasting for thousands of years, with its broad and profound content and infinite viability.