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International Exchange Center(International School) Organized Vaccination against COVID-19 for ECUPL International Students in Shanghai


    On May 24th, International Exchange Center(International School) organized group vaccination for ECUPL international students in Shanghai, in which domestic vaccines were used, based on principles of self-help application, informed consent and self-assumption of risks.

    At the vaccination site of Tong Ren Hospital Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, students got inoculated in rows upon the completion of a series of procedures including registration, signatures and identity verification. All then returned to campus by shuttle bus as no adverse reactions were observed.


    To facilitate the vaccination for international students on both campuses, the International Exchange Center(International School) launched separate schemes serving varied batches of students. Students all expressed their appreciation to the convenience ECUPL offers for the injection, and to the great contributions Chinese government has made in pandemic prevention and control as well as vaccine aid in the global context.