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The 2021 Shanghai Summer School on Chinese Political Science, Law and Culture Study Program Successfully Concluded


  Recently, the 2021 Shanghai Summer School on the Chinese Political Science, Law and Culture Study Program, sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and organized by the International Exchange Center (International School) of ECUPL, opened. A total of 28 students from nearly 10 countries, including Russia, Vietnam, India, Australia, Slovenia and Ethiopia participated.

Due to the impact of the pandemic, the summer school went online with no less enthusiasm observed.To facilitate learning of participants across varied time zones, the summer school employed online teaching platforms, recorded courses and chat rooms for tutorial.During the four-week program, the participants learned about Chinese political science,law and culture, studied the rule of law tradition in China from ancient times to the present, and shared the legal systems of their countries via cloud classrooms. In addition, they had unique English debate competitions with their Chinese counterparts, which helped to combinesimulated legal practice withtheories and to gain a deeper understanding of Chinese political science,law and culture.

On July 16th, the closing ceremony of the summer school was held online, which was hosted by Li Yong, head of International Student Office of International Exchange Center.Zhang Lijun, Deputy Director of the International Exchange Center & Associate Dean of International School, delivered a closing speech to congratulate the students for completing the four-week program. She commented that, the pandemic lasts, but the passion to exchange remains unchanged.Students arealways welcomed to acquire hands-on experience about Chinese culture when the situation gets better and to witness China’s rapid economic and social development in person.

Speaking as a representative of the participants, Oliver Posani, an Australian student from Kyushu University in Japan, thanked ECUPL for hosting the online summer school amid the pandemic, which enabled students to obtain a basic understanding of China's profound culture and traditions of rule of law,as well as the development of China’s legal system.Online learning was innovative and informative, through which everyone not only learned new knowledge, but also made new friends.This four-week experience undoubtedly kindled curiosity among students and they expressed hope to study at ECUPL in the future.

The Shanghai Summer School is sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and is open to students from the organizers’ partner institutions, with anaim of promoting openness and the level of internationalization of higher education in Shanghai and helping to build Shanghai into a center of science and technology innovation.This year marks the fifth year the event is hosted in ECUPL.