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ECUPL’s First French Language Credit Course Series Taught by Foreign Experts Launched


         On July 6th,the first French language credit course series jointly organized by ECUPL, the Montreal International Education Center and the Alliance International Pour L'éducation de la Langue Francaise was launched, with nearly 50 students enrolled.

On the morning of July 6th, the opening ceremony was held online. Wu Qiaofang, Director of the International Exchange Center& Dean of the International School, Mr. Jay Liu, Deputy Director of the Canadian Bureau for International Education and President of the Montreal International Education Center, Mr. Marcus Tabachnick, Vice President of Montreal International Education Center & Vice Chairman of the Alliance International Pour L'éducation de la Langue Francaise (referred to as “the Alliance”), and Mr. Sylvain Langlois, Chief Executive of Edu-Inter, French examination center of Quebec, attended the ceremony.

Wu Qiaofang expressed sincere gratitude to the Montreal International Education Centre and the Alliance for the large amount of work done at the preparation stage, and encouraged students to study hard and cherish the quality courses introduced, to make further accomplishments in learning and tell China’s tales in foreign languages.

Marcus Tabachnick and Sylvain Langlois stated that it was a pleasure to cooperate with ECUPL to teach French language and promote French language and culture.They hoped that students would enjoy French and progress in their studies, and expected deeper cooperation in French language training and examinations.

     In cooperation with the Montreal International Education Center and the Alliance, ECUPL unprecedentedly introduced the world's most authoritative French language course series all taught by foreign teachers,to facilitate French-learning as a second foreign language and to promote theInnovation & Practice Programme for the Cultivation of Global Competitive Talents. The one-month course started on July 6th and ended on August 6thincluding 72 hours of study.