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Welcoming Ceremony of UWA-ECUPL Study Center Held on Songjiang Campus


        On Feb. 27th, the welcoming ceremony of 2022 spring semester session, UWA-ECUPL Study Center is held on Songjiang campus, ECUPL, attended by UWA representatives and Wu Qiaofang, Director of International Exchange Center & Dean of International School, Ma Le, Zhang Lijun and Li Yong, deputy directors of International Exchange Center & Associate Deans of International School, and staff members of International Exchange Center(International School).

Li Yong hosted the ceremony. David Sadler, UWA Deputy Vice-Chancellor welcomed students in joining the UWA-ECUPL Study Center, thanked ECUPL for all kinds of support and services, including rich content of online and offline study resources. He hoped that the cooperation between two universities could be brought to newer heights.

Wu Qiaofang expressed warm welcome to all participants. In her speech, she concluded how the study center came into being and encouraged students to cherish the hard-won opportunity. Meanwhile, she extended her gratitude in the wholehearted trust of the UWA community and vigorous dedication of the ECUPL team. It is her hope that all participants can  acquire knowledge and grow into an envoy of cultural communication between China and Australia.

Qian Mengqiu, UWA Study Center coordinator, thanked ECUPL for its considerate arrangements, congratulated the successful commencement of the 2022 spring semester session, and briefed over functions and notices regarding the Center.

Later, IEC staff delivered notes on campus security, pandemic prevention and control, software and facilities and non-credit course attendance. Following the ceremony, all joined a campus tour and took group photos.

The UWA-ECUPL Study Center enrolled over 200 students who will study on Songjiang campus in 2022 spring.